Inci Estetik Dis it was Dt.Eyup Gulacti and Dt.Muhammed Arslan was founded in 2013. Serving in Arnavutkoy and Caglayan center. In addition to general dental treatment requiring specialist treatment in clinics , physicians are implemented by industry experts .

Inci Dis Estetik; Scientific , without compromising the moral and ethical principles of respect for human dignity , open, honest, trustworthy and It is committed to providing the highest quality of dental health services. In the future, with his well- known thing , aware of its responsibility towards society , to contribute to the continuous self- developed dental profession is committed to renewing an institution. Doctors and staff, the meaning of his work for humanity , importance, always keep in the forefront and holiness . Patient satisfaction with the only approach centered services The reference is not acceptable in our country all over the world , is poised to become a respected oral and dental health.

Oral and dental health treatments in all specialties , certified for compliance with international standards methods are offered to the public.

Within ; implantology, oral diagnosis , periodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry , endodontics, implants , chin surgery, radiology, and emergency dental Inci Dis Estetik experienced staff and friendly the service concept sees the patient satisfaction as the primary goal .