Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening What is it?

Tooth whitening , teeth coating with an artificial substance Vebas from abrasion , tooth surface to put teeth whitening agents yellowing consisting of the tooth structure by means of , the elimination of spotting on the teeth darkness and teeth bleached to the color of the results in the tooth surface ( bleaching , tooth bleaching ) process .

Scope of Application

It is pleased to apply in cases of teeth in the form of general lack of satisfaction with tint. In the very severe discoloration may result in discoloration received advanced degrees due to the use of antibiotics for example .


* If done under the supervision of your dentist teeth whitening and bleaching if it complied with the rules is extremely effective and safe.
* After teeth whitening teeth and gums are not damaged enough to be worth mentioning , contrary to what one might think.
* 3-4 tons of preserving the natural structure of tooth color is opened.
* There will be no erosion process in the teeth , the teeth will not be covered with any material
* Application is not difficult
* Esthetic is an application , the aesthetic appearance of the phenomenon in people issues will be resolved
* According to the aesthetics it is much more economical method .


* Anyone can give the same successful results .
* It will return some time in the graying teeth . Protection as a permanent whiteness of teeth is not possible
* Tooth sensitivity can occur in cold and hot during operation. Dental dazzled them habitable.


Home whitening : varies between 2 weeks and 5 days
Whitening in the clinic : 45 min by an experienced dentist. 1.5 hours (depending on the case, the observed bleaching process can be repeated at intervals not to exceed 4 sessions 1-5 days)
Single tooth whitening : 1 to 4 sessions


Having made their rotten teeth whitening treatment of the person and must be completed before tartar cleaning.
There are a lot of things to pay attention to people during their entire teeth whitening and are described in detail and clearly to the patient by the dentist.


Home type whitening (home bleaching) :
* Start the teeth whitening procedure , clinically tartar cleaning by a dentist ( scaler ) and making mechanical cleaning stains
* At the same session, the preparation of the measure taken by mouth whitening personalized plates
* Tailor- made ​​to place the plaque and whitening mouth rubbing into the application of the whitening gel for 2-4 hours a day

Whitening done at the clinic :
* Removal of stains on tooth surfaces with a brush means
* Bleaching agent before applying the gum gums protective agent to prevent this , the application of uniform and proper starting gums from teeth ending location
* Carrying out the process by applying the bleaching agent on the teeth to be bleached

Single Tooth Whitening :
* Discolored teeth to open the canal treated teeth or old fillings, that she / tooth whitening substance into the placement of a temporary filling and closure with superior
* Applications appointment after giving the patient again after 3-5 days and observing the situation in tooth whitening
* After the first application of the tooth whitening material is removed in the tooth whitening does not seem adequate implementation of the new ( this process until it reaches a sufficient whiteness to a maximum of 4 sessions will be repeated . )
* When sufficient whiteness reached made ​​permanent filling of teeth and treatment completion