Root Canal Treatment ( Endodontics ) What is it?

Root canal treatment is to be the most inner part of the tooth pulp in the nervous tissue called , is then expanded and disinfecting root canals inside the tooth and the filling of extended channel operation.

Scope of Application

The outer layer of the tooth enamel and dentin of the tooth decay that occurs at the innermost layer through the pulp ( nerve ) as where progress
In cases where the trauma tooth nerve damage
Very extreme sensitivity to hot - cold formed or olustugu cases of advanced periodontal disease
People in the treatment of painful tooth while chewing


* Tooth pain and sensitivity that exceed your natural tooth with root canal treatment dolg eliminated by this method would be kept in the mouth.
* Is the alternative to tooth extraction. Root canal treatment functions to provide your own natural teeth remain in the mouth for many years . In this way, not much more expensive and difficult - implant treatments and therapies need to make a bridge.


* He loses its elasticity is reduced vitality and brittle teeth.
* Slight discoloration may occur. It can create aesthetic problems, especially in the front area.


Apex locator: channel is the most reliable and accurate in determining the length of that device . Directly affect the success of treatment.

Phosphor plates : The X-rays taken with this method gives the most detailed image .

Rotary - reciprocal system : Provides fast and comfortable way to widen the channels in 3D.

Sonic wash: disinfection of channels allow maximum movement and vibration .


* The forecast at the beginning of treatment patients should be studied in detail.
* A detailed reproduction of the measurement and precision is required a technician to work properly.
* Long-term treatment should be given for the success of oral hygiene .
* At least once a year should come to routine dental check.


* Cleaning the decay of the tooth using a local anesthesia
* Receiving special tools nerve tissue , wash the root canal and expanding
* Closing and be dressing them periodically with a temporary filling of various drugs into the root if placed too much inflammation in the tooth
* Too much inflammation or at the first session of the expanded canal filling with a suitable channel to be filled permanently
* Tooth fillings made ​​of the final phase ( coating or other treatments may need to be broken after the filling of the tooth made ​​of the remaining tooth structure where fine . )