Mini Implants

Mini implants What is it?

The screw used as an aid in the treatment of disorders called mini dental implants as orthodontic tooth . S orthodontic implants , orthodontic treatment mostly used in the field of implantology . implantologists only in the desired location where you want the orthodontist is responsible for implant placement.

Scope of Application

The emergence or burying any teeth , the correction of teeth to right or leaning to the left , and the jawbone to the assistance and orthodontic implants placed at various angles are corrected and disorders as well as shortens treatment time through orthodontic implants.


Orthodontic tooth screw is screwed in place in accordance with the desired angle without any surgical procedure.
Spring or screw prepared in accordance with the placement of orthodontic rubber tooth head portion is excluded . (not sunk to the bone )
Orthodontic correction angle from the desired tooth is connected via a spring or with a rubber implant .
Orthodontic braces and implants that can not be corrected through the bracket tooth may be attracted strongly in the direction desired.


Knowledge, skills, experience all in one day , even the screw as veteknolojik totally toothless mouths with teeth ( 12-14 implant ) are uygulayabilmekt . In some cases, especially surgical procedures can be divided into several sessions for the comfort of the patients. Our first application time varies according to the case with the gene implant surgery in 15 minutes . d . Standard screw surgical step to be expected in the next 3-5 months , 2-3 months in the lower jaw to the upper jaw denture teeth on the screw in the dental practice . This is because the screw teeth is expected to be required in the formation of healthy bone tissue of the jaw bone . After sufficient time for prosthetic stage , it will be opened over the dimensions of screw threads. Implants and prosthetic treatment is completed in 2-3 sessions and about 1 week.